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Work in Progress

King John

Watch this space for a very large 2.5 metre tall, free-standing, double-sided laser cut out of ‘ King John, Peace and Magna Carta’ commissioned by Runnymede Council for the centre of Addlestone. This is now in production phase and will be set on site in April (date to be confirmed).

Looking to the Past & Looking to the Future

Also a new work in laser cut steel will be ‘Looking to the Past & Looking to the Future’ a double sided sailor, in modern uniform one side and WWI uniform the other. This will stand as centre point in the newly created ‘Battle of Jutland Commemorative Grove’ at Langley Vale, near Epsom, for the Woodland Trust. The sculpture will be cut from steel, rusted to link with the ships that went down at the battle of Jutland. We are waiting for planning permission and it is hoped that the Grove will be planted and landscaped in spring 2019 ready for the sculpture to be set on site.

Girl with Book

‘Girl with Book’ proved to be an extremely popular, much loved, sculpture. I have been able to get one last, quite distorted, cast in wax from the mould even though it was in a bad state. Having spent a lot of time working on the wax I have now been able to create ‘Girl Reading a Book’. She has a new hairstyle, a slightly different book and clothing but, I hope, she will be just as well-loved as her sister was. This is in the process of having a new mould made and I hope to have one available in late Spring/early summer to show on the website.

Emily Wilding Davison

I am very excited to have been chosen as the artist for this commission. Emily was such a well-known, brave, suffragette with a strong personality. She had two University degrees (not awarded as she was a woman), had been force-fed 47 times and imprisoned 7 times. Through her brave actions in prison, force-feeding of women was stopped. She hid in a cupboard in the Houses of Parliament on census day so that she could use that as her address, which took a great deal of courage. Finally, her plan of attaching a suffragette banner onto the horse, in front of the three newsreel cameras filming the race was tragically thwarted when the King’s Horse reared up and caught the back of her head with his hoof, knocking her out and seriously injuring her. She died in Epsom Hospital three days later.

I have created a quarter life-size maquette of the proposed sculpture. The finished sculpture of Emily will be life size, sitting on a pale granite bench in the centre of Epsom. On the bench beside her will be some of her favourite books together with the mortar board she always wore when marching. In her hand she will be holding a census form and she will be wearing her Holloway Prison Badge, her Suffragette badge and her hunger strike medal, with 7 bands. Most photos taken of Emily show her unsmiling. This was because she had lost a number of teeth in prison when being force fed , which also paralysed part of her face. However, I have found out that she was a very well-loved person with a great sense of humour, very talkative and fun-loving as well as being extremely dedicated to the suffragette cause. I will depict her as someone that people will want to get to know as they sit beside her on the bench.