Sprint In Hong Kong

 Christine is very pleased to announce that 'Sprint' has now been set on site in Hong Kong. When the Chairman of Wing Tai Properties saw the finished sculpture he was so impressed that he decided it would not be set running on the lawn but would be put as the main focal point, in front of the 'water wall' at the entrance to the new, prestigious, Hillside development overlooking Hong Kong. Christine is still in shock and keeps saying 'Wow but I made that!!' 

Sprint - Hong-Kong-3 


‘Inspiration of the sculpture named SPRINT’ 

I was inspired to produce this sculpture after seeing a female athlete running along a beach.  She was going at such speed that it looked as though she was never touching the ground.  I wanted to not only capture her speed, strength and absolute focus of concentration,  but also a lightness to the whole figure to give the impression she was suspended in mid-flight. 

Christine Charlesworth  mrbs  swa,  Sculptor



Sprint - Hong-Kong-2

Sprint Christine Charlesworth

Sprint Christine Charlesworth


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