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Christine Charlesworth was commissioned by Taylor Wimpey to create a sculpture that would enhance the railings along the boundary of the Station View development in Guildford. Using 43 metres of the 48-metre long railings, Christine designed an installation using laser-cut stainless steel that depicted the everyday life of people of Guildford as 36 figures in double-sided silhouettes attached to 24 of the railing panels. Working with Leedsheath of Guildford, Christine's drawings were transferred on to the CAD system by Andy Weller, who worked closely with Christine to keep the laser-cut silhouettes as close as possible to the original artwork. The cut silhouettes were then fitted with specially designed fixings, lining up each section to make sure they would fit on to the railings and allowing for possible slight variations to bar width. Once all 72 silhouettes were ready, they were sand-blasted and coated with a special anti-graffiti surface. On Monday 3rd October 2016 all the silhouettes were installed on site.Silhouettes  Christine 2-1
A Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said: “We’d like to congratulate Christine for her inspired artwork, along with Andy and everyone else who made this possible throughout the design and production stage.
“The sculpture is testament to Christine’s exceptional creative skills and the figures all look fantastic. Not only do they add real depth to the railings, they also link nicely with the contemporary and vibrant feel of our Station View development.”


Christine Charlesworth-Laying the Rail

silhouettes on site Christine Charlesworth 1


silhouettes on site Christine Charlesworth 2

silhouettes on site Christine Charlesworth 3

silhouettes on site Christine Charlesworth  5

silhouettes on site Christine Charlesworth 4


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